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A yearly heating and air conditioning maintenance contract on 1 heat pump system usually includes 2 full maintenance visits, one in Spring and one in Fall.

3 Year Maintenance price is $479 - CALL NOW! 843-293-8534

Regular price is $199/yr; savings of $118

3 yr maintenance contract include 2 visits per year for total of 6 visits.

Maintenance helps your unit run as efficiently as possible and often extends the life of the unit (especially in the salt air). With regular coil cleaning, etc., extensive buildup is prevented. Buildup contributes to refrigerant leaks developing in the system. 

Often on maintenance visits we can catch minor issues before they develop into something more serious and by catching them in advance, it also helps limit emergency service calls. 

Any repairs needed during a regular maintenance visit are extra but we discount those parts and repairs by 10%.

Any additional service or repairs needed during the contract period will also be discounted 10%. 

We also do our best to give you priority service over non-contract customers.  Plus, if our regular hourly rate increases during your contract period, we will hold your hourly price at our regular rate of $89/hr (regular business hours.)